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Who We Need

The best way we can reach out across our community is with the help of volunteers. We have several positions that need to be filled.


If there is a position listed below of particular interest to you that you would like to take part in, please send an email to

with the subject titled "Volunteer".


We greatly appreciate any volunteers contributing their time and energy to this cause, even a little help will go a long way!

Volunteer Positions

  • Fact Researcher

    • ​​​From home position

  • Resource Investigator

    • ​​From home position

  • Social Media Monitor

    • From home position​

  • Addict Mentor

    • ​​Former drug users with the experience to help youth get off, and stay off drugs

  • Peer Support

    • People who have gone through the agony of loving an addict, and are willing to provide emotional support to others experiencing that same pain.

  • Action Workers

    • People who want these deadly drugs off of our streets, and out of our communities. And are willing to show up at events to show how many of us want this to stop. NUMBERS ARE CRITICAL TO THIS CAUSE

  • Silent Action Workers

    • People who are willing to when needed, write to and/or email State Representatives and sign petitions

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